Catechism Study

Why might someone want to study this?

The Catechism provides the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith, revealing its interconnectivity and logic. By completing this study someone should be able to:

Why this study in particular?

This study is meant to help you retain what you read. For the better part of this effort, you will remember parts of paragraphs that you find helpful in explaining what matters most to you. In this way, it is like learning logic. The first few months afterward you will not be sure it was worth it or that it is bearing fruit. The more you utilize the tools it offers you, the more you will be able to remember. If you complete these supplementary sessions, you will have reviewed the text and its meaning 5 times.

Reading Plan

This is based on Catechism in a year. An average of 8 paragraphs a day, 55 a week, and 240 a month (which is what the session are based on) is how one can Get through the whole catechism in a year, the slower/more daily it is read the better you will retain its reasoning.

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