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Dear Reader:

Welcome to the Resources Page. We have done our best to equip this page and its subpages with helpful resources for all who seek greater knowledge of what it means to be a Catholic Christian. We hope we have organized these things to make them as navigable as they are helpful. We are here to remind you that faith and reason should not interfere with each other. Please also 

You are most certainly in our prayers. Thank you for your continued support, and God Bless.  Please see categorized 

resources in the body of this page below, in addition to even more information in the subpages linked below this message. Below, you will also find resources and directions for non-Catholic viewers as well as Links specific to the Sioux Falls Diocese, some anti-porn resources, and Catholic views of masculinity and resources to actualize them.

In the Love of Christ and his Church,

The Vivat Agnus Dei Team


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