Giving Opportunities

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We are all called to love and serve God. Some go by giving, others given by going! Many of the Church's most effective methods of outreach need monetary and spiritual support. Below are a few such organizations that direct your donation directly into logistical needs and/or fund missionaries directly. You can give your work and life new significance by giving even a little to various initiatives of the Church that help other servants of Christ do works of mercy and love that you cannot immediately participate in for various reasons. This, thereby, change what it means to go to work. There are countless opportunities, some of which are mentioned here for more you may look to the link above or even beyond. God bless you for your generosity, and this is beyond doubt!


College Campus Ministry aims to help Catholics evangelize on campus and grow themselves. The Newman centers they serve are always in need of funds also.

Knights of Columbus

Catholic Men who serve their parishes and communities that put their faith into action, through serving their neighbor.

 Giving at the local level is encouraged but the national level distributes the funds for logistics and national fundraising efforts for various causes.


The Eternal Word Television Network broadcasts almost completely worldwide allowing Catholics and Non-Catholics alike to tune in and learn/experience different aspect of the faith.

This is also broadcasted through local radio stations which may also be looking for financial support.

Vagabond Missions

Helping inner-city youth flourish and grow in hope by encountering Jesus Christ.

Sponsor our friend Avery Starr

Word on Fire

All donations from individuals like you support Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization proclaiming Christ in the culture. Together, through media both old and new, we share the transformative power of God’s word where it is most needed.


Have a ministry that touched your heart advertised here

Other Ideas

A Local Parish/Diocese Funds

How are you supporting your local parish or diocese in their evangelical and catechetical efforts?

Religious Orders

Many orders rely on the kindness of others to survive, your donation will help them continue their mission as much as any lay organization above.

Newman Centers

Newman centers often need support to direct new efforts to evangelize the campus and encounter individuals at a time in their life where they make ultimate decisions about their faith.

Missionary Efforts

Check out the list of missionary effort that we are aware of, but there are likely countless more and any one of them you may be passionate about

Catholic Lay Organization

Check out the list of Catholic Lay Organizations that we are aware of, but there are likely countless more and any one of them you may be passionate about

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