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Please keep us in your prayers especially for God's love to be revealed in our works and next the beauty of the faith through truth.

Content Team

Team Members arranged from most recent addition to most senior

Chantal LaFortune

Theology B.A. and English in the Humanities B.A. at Holy Apostles.

Chantal uses here gift of writing to glorify Him. She writes for Missio Dei Catholic and have contributed the book they are producing in a couple months for the Eucharistic Revival. Chantal is leading a new project with Missio Dei, organizing a poetry anthology based on the liturgical season.

Dalton Houska

Theology B.A. from University of Mary (Bismarck, ND)

Dalton currently serves as DRE for a Sioux Falls Diocese Parish.

Carter Carruthers

Theology B.A. from Holy Apostles Collee and Seminary (Cromwell, CT)

Carter founded and expanded Vivat Agnus Dei from its early life in 2021. Carter wrote hundreds of posts for us and happily serves as a District Deputy for the Knights of Columbus in Brookings, SD. He also leads a Bible study at Pius XII Newman Center and assists the Newman center with website management. Carter continues to assist as Chief Graphic Designer, Content Developer, Team/Recruitment Manager, Most Senior Author, and Chief Innovator.

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Technology Team

Team Members arranged from most recent addition to most senior

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