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Our Mission

The Channels of our Mission

Our Patron Saints

Blessed Carlo Acutis

"People who put themselves before the sun get tanned. People who put themselves before the Eucharist become saints."

Carlo Acutis, born in London on May 3, 1991, to a wealthy Italian family, displayed a remarkable interest in religious practice from a young age. Despite his parents not being particularly religious, Acutis' curiosity was nurtured by the family's Polish babysitter, leading him to request his First Communion at the age of seven. He became a frequent communicant and made weekly confessions, citing figures like Francis of Assisi, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, Dominic Savio, Tarcisius, and Bernadette Soubirous as his role models. Apart from his spiritual pursuits, Acutis actively engaged in social causes, supporting friends with divorcing parents and defending disabled peers from bullies. Described as a "computer geek," he created a website cataloging Eucharistic miracles worldwide. Diagnosed with leukemia, Acutis offered his suffering for Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church, emphasizing the plight of others who endured greater pain. He passed away on October 10, 2006, at 6:45 AM, succumbing to fulminating acute promyelocytic leukemia, and was laid to rest in Assisi as per his wishes.

Our request to him: We ask your prayers in heaven Blessed Carlo, that this site and those it connects to draw those that view them through Beauty, Goodness, and Truth toward Christ in(to) the fullness of the Christian faith and that our Purpose (given below) be accomplished according to God's Will.

Saint John Paul II

Pope Saint John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła), born on May 18, 1920, served as the Pope of the Catholic Church from 1978 until his passing on April 2, 2005. Elected after the brief papacy of John Paul I, he endeavored to enhance the Catholic Church's relations with Judaism, Islam, and the Eastern Orthodox Church. John Paul II addressed various theological topics, including the New Evangelization, the true meaning of marriage, Theology of the Body, abortion, artificial contraception, and celibacy. As a theologian, John Paul II showed unwavering commitment to orthodoxy and evangelization, making significant contributions to the Church's intellectual and doctrinal tradition. His teachings emphasized the importance of upholding traditional beliefs while actively spreading the Gospel. His legacy marks him as a prominent figure in the Church's theological and evangelistic history.

Our Request to Him: Pope Saint John Paul II, we implore your prayers for this site and its authors, that it may serve as a vessel for the New Evangelization, allowing Christ to reach His people. We particularly seek your intercession for the preservation of orthodoxy and the promotion of the beauty of the faith to all who encounter it. May this site be a manifestation of our prayers, continually yielding spiritual fruit for those who read our publications, enabling them to hear the voice of God and experience His love.

The Name of the Site and Its Motto

Vivat Agnus Dei

Initially chosen for its easy Latin translation, the name Agnus Dei, meaning "The Lamb of God" in English, proved remarkably providential. Coined by John the Baptist in John 1:36, this title intricately unifies God's revelation from Genesis to Revelation through the person and mission of Jesus, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity incarnate, and His Body, the Church. The term takes on profound significance in Revelation, portraying the Lamb standing as if slain. However, the Latin term "vivat," meaning "He lives," transforms the narrative. Consequently, the site's name signifies Christ's continuous self-offering in love, grace, and sacrament to those He cherishes. This perpetual giving persists beyond His death, embracing His resurrection, ascension to the right hand of the Father, and the sending of His Spirit to unite and guide the Church. Remarkably, this divine bestowal transcends mortality, as death holds no dominion over Him. The name encapsulates the enduring vitality of Christ's love and the unbroken connection between the heavenly realms and the earthly pilgrimage of His Church, illuminating a profound theological journey from death to everlasting life.

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Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

This motto is borrowed from the Jesuit Order. The motto, translated from Latin, means "for the Greater Glory of God". This is short for "A Website and Blog for Networking the best of Catholic Resources and Information for the Greater Glory of God".

The Purpose of this Blog/Site

This site and blog was created and re-created to be a means of encountering the Catholic/Christian faith in its truth, goodness, and beauty on the internet. The internet is full of half-truths, lies, and/or other awful things. More and more the internet becomes our mind as a society. Communication has never been easier and more hostile. This website was created to bring the "lumen Christi ad gentes", the light of Christ to the nations. Wherever the many are there also should Christ go. Christ only goes where His Spirit, and His people go. Toward the end of bringing love to the most unlovable parts of humanity, the content of this website is aimed at spreading this love through the beauty, goodness, and truth of this faith given to us by God through the many faithful Christians throughout the centuries and directing users to other sites and resource created to do the same. Then, subsequently drawing those fall in love with not firstly the truth, but the beauty and love of not just the faith but God, Himself, man's end and fulfillment. 

Thus, the premise of this site is a sign that society (man) does not have and cannot create what man truly needs. The normal flow of thought and accomplishment is not capable of nourishing man's hunger for happiness. God does not just love, but He is love (cf. 1 John 4:7-21). If we look to God, we do not find condemnation, but love and help. Without God, man is a slave to himself, the world, and the spirits which constantly act against truth and goodness in pursuit of our destruction. God will do any and all that is necessary to save us from these three enemies. Since "none of us lives as his own master, and none of us dies as his own master", we must choose God to be our master. He does not much accept this title as much as friend and lover. What makes us truly happy (independent of activity, or lack or excess of anything) and fulfills, is ultimately what God wants for us and thus makes Him happy.

In conclusion, the t-shirt quotes a couple of verses from the Gospel of Saint John. The first from John 6 states, "the bread which I shall give for the life of the world is my flesh". This verse is the first time Jesus insinuates He is to become the Passover Lamb whose flesh must be eaten for salvation and that this world is as a desert compared to heaven and He is truly the nourishment we need from heaven as manna in the desert. Both aspects of His words clearly hold the truth of the Eucharist/sacrifice and meal of the Mass within them. The second, from John 1:11 states, "He came to his own home, and his own people received him not". Our lives are not our own, and this world is not our home. Sin wears away our willingness and ability to recognize and love God as we are disposed to. Would that this blog and site work against that dynamic and help all who encounter it to fall in love with God, and to intentionally encounter Him in all ways especially through prayer and the sacraments. May our use of this site/blog, the websites/resources that share in this mission, and indeed, all technology bring the truth, goodness, and beauty of what we believe to others and inspire a new love for God in ourselves.

"...Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more..."

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