Bible Study Guide 1

The Essential Story of Scripture

Studying the Bible is visiting not only the source of our great faith but receiving God's intent, truth, and will into our being through its primary source. He reveals Himself to us completely and in all ways that we can receive, His Word enters us and transforms us. This happens with every sense and in every mode of our being/life. This Bible study guide will help us do so in every way but touch and taste.

Why this Study?

 It is set up to introduce.

 Every part of this study is meant to give the Bible Study group an introduction to the biggest story of Scripture and thus the Christ life, as the Catholic Church understands it. It gives context for Christ in Scripture and our lives. Consequently, it introduces the path that Christian life consists of/comes from is in just 16 sessions. IF this study is done on a weekly basis. If this study is begun between the start of December to start of January, it ties in well with (assuming a near perfect weekly progression of 1 session per week, sooner may be recommended since some session are longer than an hour of study; November or October would be better for having weeks off, and Augustst or September if both there are off weeks and sessions divided into halves) the daily and Sunday readings leading up to Easter.

 You can go anywhere from here.

 We have compiled the essential story of scripture through key verses to maintain efficiency when getting a concept of the whole of scripture. Throughout this study, you will be able to see yourself in the Greatest Story Ever Told and will learn how we, and more specifically you, are a part of that grand narrative of life. once the fullness of this perspective is formed you will be able to see any verse from the right perspective.


It is our belief that the Holy Spirit inspires the creation of general programs but sometimes works best in different ways at the moment. We recommend following the interest in the room and to be open to discussion and varying perspectives. By no means, do we expect that this study is perfectly suited to all as hard and well as we may try? Therefore, by all means, if you have recommendations or helpful insights on a given passage that others may benefit from. Let us know through the error form or join our team and help us develop it

You can complete this study yourself or use this as a Guide to lead a group or both.

 Universally Applicable and Available

We try to keep this free, and your help will do so (as mentioned above). Further, there is nothing in this study directed at any one person/perspective. It is largely ecumenical; any Christian will be brought deeper into the experience of Scripture by this study.

 It is also mobile-friendly and easy to share.


We will now begin a study detailing the essential story of sacred scripture. After we have established what reading sacred scripture is like, it is absolutely important that we seek out the context and relationship, so that we can interpret what we read. Once we understand what framework every verse can be known in light of, there will never be a resistance to the spirit of the text that speaks the true meaning to our hearts so that we can interpret what we read. To grasp the whole of a thing, one must seek comprehension of its most defining aspects, without which a thing could not be called itself nor the kind of thing it is. This is absolutely essential to scriptural interpretation. As we continue, we will look into exactly the parts of scripture without which the other aspects make little sense and the whole message of scripture would break down without it. As we continue, it is important to keep this in mind.

 As Christians, we can never grow tired of our story. Certainly, we are likely descendants of Abraham if not Noah. This applies to scripture at large to be sure, but even in our own life, God is authoring the best story ever told, and in order to live it to the full we must constantly remind ourselves of it, re-"baptize" ourselves in its beauty, drink of its goodness, and live its reality. 

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Each session is broken down into approximately 1 hour, if it is desired you can stop in the middle of one and take off from there next time.

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