How to Pray

1. Go there, Do it....

The first consideration to answering this question, if not the most fundamental one, is that one must be present and authentic in prayer for it to be prayer.

  • If you are not giving God the space to commune with you, He will not force Himself upon you.

  • If you give Him the space, He we reveal Himself in ways which you cannot anticipate.

  • May or may not involve finding a place particularly conducive to prayer, but should no less allow for silence and focus

    • Read CCC 2691 for more information

  • CCC, 2672: The Holy Spirit, whose anointing permeates our whole being, is the interior Master of Christian prayer. He is the artisan of the living tradition of prayer. To be sure, there are as many paths of prayer as there are persons who pray, but it is the same Spirit acting in all and with all. It is in the communion of the Holy Spirit that Christian prayer is prayer in the Church.

  • Reflection is instrumental in living a prayerful life since everything is capable of drawing us to conversation with God. The mission of this site, in fact, is to provide greater opportunity for prayer reflection.