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We are delighted to invite you on a journey of searching for what is most true. In this part of the website, you will find various resources that should help you along the most difficult and fundamental journey proper to the human ability to reason i.e. uncovering and refuting what is only convincing bunk and entering deeply into each question with diligence to yield something close to an answer that is closest to the reality of things. We hope to do this in a way that honors the verse “Always be prepared to make a defense...yet do it with gentleness and reverence.” (1 Peter 3:15). The tragedy of our time is that so many fail to ask questions of substance, have the proper resources to investigate, and be motivated to do what it takes to be thorough and impartial when finding the truth. Working against this is the mission of this site. 

First, we hope that the corresponding pages in particular help you investigate the existence of God (some of the most robust ways to do so, which also happen to be heavily nuanced and require some study. Truly there is nothing about this page and its subpages that will allow you to be convinced of your interpretation of reality, the facts, etc. in a matter of minutes. 

Second, Catholicism is the fullest truth on earth, being properly diligent about things claimed to be true. The recommended literature and multimedia (on the contrary) may take years to comb through and understand the level necessary to satisfy diligence in investigation. Equivocation of terms happens far too easily in such dialogue it is critical to make sure we are using the same definition of terms to make sense of a given argument and its conclusion. Moreover, it is important to understand that every perspective comes from somewhere and is not just arbitrary. Since these pages are based on reason with basic tenets of other faiths, they may evoke strong emotions, but this is not intended nor a direct result of the content.

Below you will find links to get started, if applicable, choose the area that most corresponds to you. 

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