If God Exists, Is He Good?

Hey folks, here a very brief discussion on the topic. There is much to be discussed at length on the subject, but we know you are busy. The basic philosophical rendering of the problem is something like "If God is all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing, why is there evil? Since if He were all those things, He would not want evil to existed, He would be aware if it did, and He could/would do something about it". However, the assumption of the questioner is that this is all on God and not on us. God only gave us free-will (not controlling us), so are we blaming Him for giving us freedom or us for misusing it? God wants what is best for you and he helps you to the best you can with what you got. He does not force sinners to be good as that would hurt us. There is nothing good about sin and we see how bad it can get in our dictators. There is no violence encouraged or made light of in this video.

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