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Thank you for your willingness to help. Your interest is a gift from God. Please complete the form on the right (or below). As a first step, share a post you like on social media to expand our outreach. Your support breaks through algorithms, allowing us to reach more people. The Vivat Agnus Dei team appreciates your love of God and your decision to join our mission.

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We welcome your positive contributions to our mission. However, we encourage you to discern through prayer what aligns with God's will for you. Your talents can help expand our reach and content, but it's important to ensure you're fully aligned with serving God in all aspects of your life. We're flexible and welcome your contributions at any time. Review our corporate structure (below) to see where your talents may fit. Fill out the form and notify our email. We'll follow up to discuss further and discern God's will together. If it's in line with God's plan, we'll integrate you into our discord server and provide support for your role.

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Once you have completed this form, are joining a team, and are not currently on Discord, you will want to get a Discord account. And then join our server using the link to "join our community"

If you do not currently have a Discord account, we strongly encourage you to and then join our community.

If you already have a Discord account, whether or not you are joining a team, BY ALL MEANS join us on Discord.

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