Contribute to the Mission

Team Membership Description


  • Contribute to the Mission of Vivat Agnus Dei (even if only monthly or bimonthly)

  • Share your Talents and Expertise


  • Dedication to Spreading the Catholic Faith/Gospel

  • At least a novice understanding of the Catholic Faith combined with a profound love for it (we can help some with this and/or provide with tasks that don't require it)

  • Discord Account

Helpful Skills/Areas to Contribute to/What we hope to instill in our Team (see teams below)

  • Technological Savviness: Creative Tech Solutions

  • Creativity

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Knowledge of Literature/Poetry

  • Catholic Theological and/or Historical Knowledge

  • Networking with Catholic Companies and Websites

  • Graphic Design

  • Experience with social media

  • Comfort with Teamwork

  • Vibrant Prayer Life

  • Resourcefulness

  • Catechetical/Apologetic Experience

  • Artistic Expression

  • Persuasive Writing

How can you Help?

Thank you for being willing to help us out. We praise God for your interest and thank Him for the gift you are! Of course, you can always complete the form on the right (or below depending on the device). As a first step, we would have you share a post you like on your social media. This will allow our outreach to be so much greater since the algorithms suggest much more "interesting" content to users than stuff about God but if you share it will continue to break through the algorithms reaching more. The Vivat Agnus Dei team joyfully receives your love of God and choice to join us in our mission.

Is it for you?

Of course, we welcome everything positive thing you can contribute to our mission; however, we prefer to encourage you to discern through prayer what is God's will in your contribution. Perhaps you are objectively great at suggesting ideas for us, sharing a post, or something else, you indeed will develop our reach and content. However, if you are not doing God's will in other areas of your life, you are not living fully your call to serve so we encourage you to take another step in discernment.

  1. We are hyperflexible: If you are open and free to contribute in any way, at any time, we would ask that you review our corporate structure below and see if/which of your talents may be applicable. If you at any point intend to contribute to an initiative you will always have a position on that team and may input or not as you, please, unless you request otherwise.

  2. NOTE: we intend to accomplish much; not from great efforts of few (although if you are called then do it) so much as intermittent efforts of many, and pray about it

  3. Fill out the form to the right (or perhaps below on mobile) and notify our email.

  4. We will get back to you and inquire further into God's will

  5. If it is of God, we will incorporate you further into our discord server and give you whatever we can to help you fulfill your role as you feel called.

Already Contributed?

Tell us!


Once you have completed this form, are joining a team, and are not currently on Discord, you will want to get a Discord account. And then join our server using the link to "join our community"

If you do not currently have a Discord account, we strongly encourage you to and then join our community.

If you already have a Discord account, whether or not you are joining a team, BY ALL MEANS join us on Discord.

Our Corporate Structure

  1. Content Team

    1. Blog Team (requires some theological formation)

      1. Author posts

        1. Essay format

        2. Citing at least the Bible as a source

        3. Attempts to render some aspect of the faith a simply and beautifully as possible for a diverse audience

    2. Website Team

      1. Evangelism/Apologetics Team

        1. Reviews the contents of the site in order to enhance engagement of questions posed by viewers.

        2. Suggests topics to the Blog team and/or are often members of the Blog Team

        3. Censors discord if necessary

        4. Anwer's faith questions on discord

        5. Adds service opportunity to take action page

      2. Literature Team

        1. adds, organizes, and develops book recommendations and reading media to recommend and their descriptions

        2. finds and reformats poetry for enhanced beauty

        3. Gives good samples of it to the Blog team

      3. Faith Media

        1. adds, organizes, and develops faith-boosting media

          1. Music

          2. Video

          3. Podcasts

          4. Apps

          5. Website (if applicable)

          6. Blogs (if applicable send to literature team)

      4. Magisterium Team

        1. finds and reformats Magisterial Documents for enhanced beauty

        2. Hosts Magisterial Studies

      5. Saints Team

        1. Writes summaries of biographies on saints for emails and social media posts

        2. Helps find digital copies of the works of saints

        3. Recommending Saint Works to the Literature team

  2. Technology Team

    1. Analysis, Communication, and Infrastructure Management Team

      1. Manages Advertisement Campaigns if needed

      2. Website Mapping/Page Structure

      3. Manages Donations and Disbursement of funds if applicable

      4. Manages permissions to editing site and/or blog

      5. Manages Channels and roles in

      6. Ensures the site is highly navigable and there are links from certain topics to other related information

    2. Social Media Team

      1. Helps publicize posts and updates

      2. Help incorporate beautiful and appropriate pictures and formatting across the site, and social media

      3. Help with Photo Editing and Branding

    3. Commerce Team (just t-shirts and incoming advertisements)

      1. Manage orders of t-shirts

      2. Adds incoming advertisements for those who contact

      3. Manages email

    4. Creativity Team

      1. Pray and think about new way we can use our infrastructure or put our resources to even better use

      2. Invite team members to implement ideas and initiatives

      3. Help teams accomplish their mission as needed

      4. Create team building experiences and/or spiritual beneficial engagements of team members and community members

  3. Verified Community Member (requires being vouched for by a verified community member, message VivatAgnusDei#2932 to vouch for someone)

    1. Allows you to participate in community Discord server fun, bible studies, etc.

    2. Prayer team: Pray for our prayer requests and for the success of our mission

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