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What would you give everything up for?
What effect, if any, does sin have in defining us?
Which side do you choose? Why would you choose that side?
We are people with trials, the particular trial does not have to define us
We are all in the same boat, and we are all sea sick?
A sequel to a previous post, a treatise on love, and a rebuttal of the "love is love" campaign/expression of the sexual revolution
This is
Where would you be without laws protecting you?
Discipleship has become something of a buzzword, but here it seems is its meaning
One of the worst arguments against Christ's legitimacy…
Would God send His Only-Begotten Son to His grave?
"He had it coming!"
Do you need to love yourself first?
If haven't seen the meaning of "splitting hairs", this post is for you
Ever feel like you are not getting better about your bad habits
Do you really believe what you say you do?
In presuming the answer falsely, man lost everything, so how to we answer this right?
What prevents psychology from being completely successful?
Is faith only a moral consideration or does it concern the whole being?
Ever wonder why seemingly correct answers end up not fixing the problem
"Long lay the world in sin and error pining"
"Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas Day to save us all from Satan's pow'r when we were gone astray. Oh tidings of comfort and joy"


Why does the Church get involved in matters of the state?
A Useful but Incomplete Theodicy - Our first post from Avery
Ever feel misunderstood? It is often because people don't understand this concept
Give thanks to God always and to people when He works in them
Contrary to what the culture tries to tell us, we are made to describe and correspond with reality, not be its author
Popular to engage in not as popular to discuss
Is there such a thing as believing in truth and not being imposing?
The question of many Christians
What gets in our way
If one were to break evangelization into levels here are some thoughts
What it is and why
The subject lusted after by sci-fi  is one of the greatest gifts of God, and our travel through it is a single speed and direction
Ever wonder why philosophers are so long-winded, here you go
Why don't we see more miracles?
Important thoughts if you intend to study theology at a significant depth
What does it mean?
Trouble finding the complaint department? Here are some thoughts in the meantime.
Before and after death
Can't get the sin out?
Do you really believe the Gospel?
Like being judged? Good luck avoiding it
Ever get tired of the complications that seem to come out of nowhere think about this…
A passage with radiant description of the Christian life
What are you doing with your life?
How does what you think affect how you feel?
Happy Feast of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ!
The bad kind of change in plans
Is God far removed or close by?
Do you ever feel like you are missing the point in your relationship with God? (Eli's first post with us)
Have you ever played hide-and-seek?
Feeling unloved? This is a good consideration
A little less make-believe than Star Wars…
May God bless our Easter Feast! Alleluia!
A historical fiction to give an alternative perspective of the Passion and supply more of its context
Evangelization takes many forms:
So you say you want the good..?
Are you wasting the opportunity to be a saint?
What is wrong with fire and brimstone?
How do you think we get to heaven? They were all like no way, and I was all like YAHWEH(:
"It does not hurt anyone." False.
Ever see hurt as simply transactional?
50 years ago today...
"It is all God and all us, but more God than us"
Attention to the eternal before the mortal
Greatest possible joy is attained through the best possible suffering

Older Posts


The day everything changed...
Doing what the Boss does is easier said than done
Ever have trouble making decisions when much is at stake?
Fulfillment brings Joy
Charism is the way in which a person encounters Christ most easily and where others encounter Christ through them
The King of love my Shepherd is…His Word never returns to Him void
Best use of an hour you will appreciate what you did on Judgment day
God loves all with the same infinite magnitude, but in various ways suited to each
Will you leave also?
Do you choose to be a product of your own grumblings or do you steal what is best from others?
“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” and "God alone is worthy of a human thought":
“It's your Church Lord. I'm going to bed.” - St John XXIII
"You never know. You hope for the best, then make do with what you get."
Have you ever done what at the moment felt right but after the fact by some sequence of events, realized just where you went wrong?
The world gets it backwards
and do it with Jesus!
If you think recovering addicts are weak, you have never been an addict
Momentary indulgences do not withstand change
How is it that religious people are happier people?
Is pleasure really the greatest achievable good? (as our culture insists)
Unity and Multiplicity are one in Love

- End Mass Posting Series -

The Christians are by nature a sacramental people.
The Mass is "scriptural, apostolic, and prayed in obedience to Christ's commands"
“To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.”
Hot topic perhaps at the moment, but no less universally important to know
The beginning and direction of the Christian life
Heaven Meets Earth
Word from your Mother
The Introductory Rites of the Mass, an in-depth look
Philosophy not only benefits Christianity but Christians
As far as enigma's go the Eucharist is certainly the foremost in beauty
Ah the struggles of research
Sacrament of Love = Sacrament of Unity
Blog Namesake explained on Good Friday

^Begin Eucharist and Mass Series^

- End of the Conversion Series-

This concludes the conversion series, watch for a brief reflection...
"How do I know you love me?"
"What gets you out of the bed in the morning?"
"…All things but sin…"
The GREATEST love story "baby just say 'yes'" (yeah I quoted Taylor Swift, not sorry)
Love gives meaning to all things
Do we love without self-interest? 
Beauty draws us...
How we deal with our own corruption
"Without God’s Mercy, we could have no Mercy"
The greatest achievement, seldom achieved
But it can be helped:
Like a baby needs its mother
If we think we are our own creator, the do we think we created everything we need as well?


Detachment helps with loving our neighbors
Attachments hold us from being who we want to be...
The Christian is not their own [but we are still humans with attachments]
Name one thing that did not come from God. Good luck.

^Advent Subseries Start: Working through Attachments^

^Man's Reaction to God's Mercy^

"To where shall [you] go?"
When pain, difficulty, and confusion come where do you actually go? What do you do?...
In this together or not in it (cf 1 John 4)...
A natural subset of authentic friendship...
Meeting God on His Terms...

^Phase Four of Conversion: God's Providence for Man's Openness^

Its definition is important too...
How about both?...
Experiencing Heaven on Earth...
Our finitude reveals itself in our struggles against sin...
Does being Christian mean something objective or is it just an affiliation?...
What makes doing what God asks a bridge to far for you?...
You're not crying, you're not trying :)...
The Holy Spirit is the Author of Beauty...

^The Third Phase of Conversion: Man's Willful (Though Imperfect) response through Grace^

Tired of failing again and again, this post is for you...
Conversion is often an overused and underdefined term but what is it really and how is it accomplished?...
Are you willing to witness to your beliefs even in the face of death? Why would we be willing to die for the Gospel and not try to live it as radically as possible when not present with martyrdom?
Is He who he says He is? How do you know?
"The world: starting from movement, becoming, contingency, and the world's order and beauty, one can come to a knowledge of God as the origin and the end of the universe."

^Second Phase of the Conversion Series: God Drawing Man^

If you have ever studied history as a Christian this post is for you
Wow it is almost like Doctrine is written from scripture.
Your life is not about you
We were created to love and sin is its lack
To deny morality's existence or necessity is to deny the existence of evil (this would mean any act is acceptable, all is on the table including but not limited to the Holocaust, abuse, etc.)
Evil/sin is not something we were made for and damages us in a mysterious way

^Beginning of the Conversion Series: Willful Sin^

How do we go about mission?
How does God answer our deepest longings?
Is it truly better that you go Lord?
Without a doubt, we are our greatest hinderance
Life has different moments and as a result so does prayer which is life lived in God
Where do you find your identity?
What did Jesus say about prayer? What can be said about its comprehensiveness?
The life of the new heart
Does God abandon?
What role does morality play in living as a Christian?
Do you really love your enemies?
Questions discussed by Boethius and then some
Be who God created you to be and not what someone else was created to be
There are ultimately two ways to live
Why would anyone study theology? What would you do with it? To participate in God's mission in the context of John 1
Some days it is not fun to be human
The one thing that produces all the sadness of the world
How the Church compares itself and the best of saints to Christ
A must read if you use social media
One of my favorite and most famous saints and the biography that summarizes his life


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