Bible Study Guide 2

The I am... Statements of Christ


This study examines the 7 "I am + [Predicate Statements]" Jesus is quoted as saying in the Gospel of John. The most defining of these statements and thus the interpretive key of the others is found in John 8:48-59, claiming to pre-exist Abraham. This claim is perhaps the clearest claim Jesus makes about divinity in the Gospels.  Going through the following and the 7 sessions can make up 8 sessions total.  All catechesis must begin with Jesus, and this study examines the major aspects of Christ's mission. These statements are pedagogical, contribute to overall themes of scripture, move from what is tangible to what is mystical, heavenly, and eternal, and move simple concepts to profound lessons.

 The Intent of this Study is to...

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Each session is broken down into approximately 1 hour, if it is desired you can stop in the middle of one and continue from there next time.

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