Take Action with Your Faith

Questions to Ask God and Yourself

All Christians are called so how are you called?
  1. What type of ministry feels possible for your skills and knowledge?

  2. How long and to what extent are you able to serve (a few years, the rest of your life, etc.)?

  3. Where will you do it?

  4. What expression of service are you moved to participate in (what will service look like)?

  5. Who are you moved to serve (demographic, etc.)?

  6. What are you willing to give up for the sake of the Gospel?

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Take on a Mission-based Vocation

Become a Missionary

If you are not sure about your life-long vocation yet but still desire to serve God is a great way, putting the pause button on future plans or are willing to discern it by trying it; you may want to look at the following Ministries (Click to Logos to learn more and/or contribute via donation). These can also be contributed to financially:

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Become a Religous

From even before Christ, there were some whom God called to live and pray in a community in the wilderness or margins of societies to serve Him in the poor or pray for the world. Each religous order has a particular protocol of discernment but all at some point require:

  • living life with them and participating in their mission.

  • visiting

  • intense personal prayer with God

Some of these that could be joined today include:

  1. Dominicans

  2. Carmelites

  3. Franciscans

  4. Benedictines

  5. Carthusians

  6. Trapists

  7. And many others including smaller individual orders

These vocations are frequently acommpanied by a long discernment process and are as much in need of prayer as there are willing to pray for you.

Become a Diocesean Priest

See your local dioceses vocation office and make visits to seminaries, here are links to a few in the Mid-West. Seminarians are formed through intense education, spiritual guidance, psychological guidance etc. and are always in need of your prayers.

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