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If you are not sure about your life-long vocation yet but still desire to serve God is a great way, putting the pause button on future plans or are willing to discern it by trying it; you may want to look at the following Ministries (Click the logos to learn more and/or contribute via donation). These can also be contributed to financially:

Become a Religous

From even before Christ, there were some whom God called to live and pray in a community in the wilderness or margins of societies to serve Him in the poor or pray for the world. Each religious order has a particular protocol of discernment but all at some point require:

Some of these that could be joined today include:

These vocations are frequently accompanied by a long discernment process and are as much in need of prayer as there are willing to pray for you.

Become a Diocesean Priest

See your local dioceses vocation office and make visits to seminaries, here are links to a few in the Mid-West. Seminarians are formed through intense education, spiritual guidance, psychological guidance etc. and are always in need of your prayers.

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