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Discord will be a major channel of our mission and we invite you to make it your Catholic community wherever you may be. It can be hard to find good community that will pray with you and have a Bible/Catechism study.

Discord is the easiest and most convenient means of online community, combining video conferencing, group messaging, and organization structure into one platform. It precedes Microsoft Teams in this effort and is less business oriented. It allows for large group chats and contributions from any member of it, as well as splitting up designated ‘channels’ for specific topics. Its purpose for us is two-fold: a safe place to discuss the faith while keeping our followers up to date and connecting our teams.

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Word on Fire


Thomistic Institute


Catholic Diocese of Discord

We are the LARGEST Catholic server on Discord!

CDD is for the Catholic faithful to come and enjoy talking about their faith with other Catholics. Our goal is to bring a smile to the Catholic faithful. We are happy to have non-Catholics visit but we expect them to be understanding of our beliefs and values.

We have hosted Discord AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with prominent Catholic speakers like Trent Horn and Jimmy Akin. Aside from daily prayers such as the Rosary and Divine Mercy, we also have a Minecraft server, D&D groups, and a Chess club!

Other groups we have include:

** Latin Learners

** Apologetics

** RCIA Support

** Discernment

** Bible Study

** A variety of hobbies and cultural groups

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