Biblical Sources of Catholic Teaching

For Catholics:

This page is an excellent tool to defend your faith and it helps bring about a good foundation for discussion. Often times we make poor arguments for the tremendous goodness, beauty, and truthfulness of the faith, because we see how great it is but we don't know how to bring our non-Catholic neighbors to the fullness of what we see, this tool allows us to take that first step. After this discussion has been had I recommend reviewing the "Our Father" in the back of Catechism (Paragraph 2759), for a flavor of church teaching. The Catechism is also a great tool for some of these topics. Verses with asterisks are used against our faith. However, if you consider them long enough you will realize they cannot be used to discredit the faith in any manner. 

For our Non-Catholic/non-Christian brethren:

Here are some topics which are typical stumbling blocks for our Protestant brethren. There are topics are accompanied by verses. Why do some verses seem to contradict others? Well, the Bible is God's word written by humans and translated using words that aren't always perfectly equivalent. These two realities cause a slight variability in specific details, but viewing it for its overall message, not just anyone specific verse is probably more effective. As Universal Christians, we understand that those, who wrote, translated, and interpreted the Bible were human and they make mistakes. Bearing this in mind, it is important not to get to focus on any one sentence or word without understanding its context in the message of the whole biblical message, traditions involve, what the author is addressing, etc. I recommend the FOCUSequip link in the dropdown for Bible studies that have been put together trying to take all that into account. Thank you for your interest.

[There is also a Formed study link on the Faith page of Mary in the scripture.]

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